Makeover Updates…

So last week I went public with my “get-back-in-shape” goals. It was not easy to post that before picture, but oh it was so motivating!

Heartfelt thanks for all the support folks!!

What’s working

1) Daily exercise – between the Y that is half a mile from home and the treadmill, weights and heavy bag upstairs, it’s easy to work out everyday. Took a day off on Sunday and missed it…

2) Energy level – is up, way up. That afternoon tiredness that makes me want to nap is disappearing. Now we usually go for a walk during that time.

3) Weight – down to 194 – remember, I began at 210.

What’s not working

1) Most “lifestyle based programs” give you a meal or even a day a week where you can eat what you want. This past weekend I stretched that day out over 3 days – Friday night – Sunday night. I think that is why I’m not below 194 as I was on course to be. This should be easily correctable as more and more I am finding that I’m just no longer interested in foods that are no good for me.

Next goal

I turn 53 on May 1 – that’s 12 days from now, and includes a trip to Chicago for the GKIC SuperConference – should be a good test…as I want to be at 190 by then…

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