Another "Marketing Lesson from the Road" – Or did you really mean…

I’ve been laughing at this sign next to the hot tub at our local gym now for months, and finally decided to share the laughter, and the lesson, with you my loyal readers.

Underneath all the dire warnings about the terrible things that can happen to you in a hot tub, can you catch what is missing in their rule about “18 years” on the last line?

“Oh you’re 17? You can’t get in until you are 35!”

“24? Sorry, come back when you are 42…”

“You’re 51?” See you when you are 69.”

“84 mam? We’ll see you on your 102nd birthday…”

Marketing Lesson: With anything you put out for public consumption, make sure you are saying what you want to say!

Comments anticipated and encouraged…

P.S. – This sign has been up for at least a year…

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