Live from LA – Post #8 – James Malinchak Echoes One of My Messages

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If you are one of my students, members and/or a regular listener to one of my teleseminars, you have heard me say some version of the following:

“If you have a message inside you that can help others, not only do you have the right to deliver, you have the obligation to deliver it. And not only that, you have the right and obligation to profit from it.”

Here is how James Malinchak said it today:  “Your calling is to deliver your message and make good money doing it.”

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  • Terry

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    Thanks Jeff.Now all I have to do is create and deliver my teleseminars and products.

    Enjoy the weekend in LA…your reports are greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing more on your upcoming calls.

    Wish this Aussie was there.

    Terry Mazzer
    The Raising Smart Rich Kids Mentor

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