Live from LA – Post #4 – Had a really cool dream last night…

I woke up this morning from a really cool dream – in this dream Alex Mandossian and I presented a workshop on the Repurposing Strategies Workshop to a big group of people in Los Angeles. It was very well received, made lots of great contacts, and Alex and I worked quite well together. Even more, the workshop was a “test run” of a really big idea we are working on.

As I lay in bed enjoying the dream, when I came fully awake, I realized that it had really happened. Talk about waking up feeling sooo blessed.

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  • Marlene

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    …and what a blessing to have you Jeff, The Article Guy. you’re the best!


  • And Jeff we soo0 blessed to have you in our circle of friends along with Alex. We both wish we could be there this week. So I guess we better start dreaming, because dreams do come true.

    And remember Pat get the left side of the bed.

    — Pat & Lorna

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