Live from LA – Post #15 – On the subject of Repurposing…

On the Thursday before Tom Antion’s Fusion Seminar, Alex Mandossian and I presented, for the first time, The Repurposing Strategies Workshop. You are going to be hearing so much more about the power of repurposing in the coming weeks and months!

Alex spoke on the inner game of repurposing, and 21 ways to repurpose a teleseminar into multiple products.

Jeff spoke on the outer game of repurposing, 21 ways to repurpose an aritcle to drive traffic, and had the audience rolling at his feet as he talked about the repurposing work model.

Repurposing is simply a very powerful strategy in which you are able to work once and get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, and get paid some more –exponentially!

Our presentation was the “dry run” for something very big that you will be hearing about very soon!

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