Live from LA #9 – An Awesome Day at Tom Antion's Fusion Seminar

jeff herring, article marketing, tom antion,This has been a first class day! Fusion is a great seminar and I have met so many people with live hearts and live heads.

Half the benefit of coming to these seminars is who you meet, get to know, and plan projects with…

And here I sit, at 11:30 pm Pacific on Friday night, 2:30 am in the morning Saturday at home in Atlanta, watching CSI:Miami, waiting for my good friend Mike Stewart to arrive from Atlanta, and going over my presentation for tomorrow. So exciting about presenting tomorrow. Brendon Burchard is on before lunch, I’m on after lunch and Mike Stewart follows me. And of course Tom will be presenting in between throughtout the day.

I recommend you not miss the next one of these!

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  • one of the great things about this “community” and i’m always careful about that word…is it a community when mostly it flows in one direction… but i’m amused at how pleased I am (and how very connected i feel) to hear you talk about realizing this part of your dream. in that way community really works! and community building works by sharing the good among us. the personal notes are as important as the blogs.

    big week for me in my “community.” paul krugman won the nobel prize and you’re doing a conference with alex and tom. i played the gong with my oh-so talented drummer husband who played for an artist with cp who did his painting in and out of his chair to drum, gong and guitar. stunning. life is rich indeed. you go, guy. keep having too much fun.


  • And the best part is coming up this afternoon (Saturday) when you present and Mike Stewart presents right after you!

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