Live from LA #12 – This was such an honor to do…

Saturday afternoon was my turn to speak on The Article Marketing Solution. It was such a honor and kick to look out in the audience and see Tom Antion, my first internet mentor, Alex Mandossian, me second internet mentor, and Mike Stewart, one of my best friends. Never would have believed this 2 years ago.

One of the themes I heard coming from the questions the audience was asking was “I don’t have enough time” and “how can I find the time for this?”
Wah, wah, wah.

So I took a chance and one of the things I said was “Quit watching the damn election, it’s been on for two years. Turn it off and write an article!”

Went over pretty good…..

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  • steve love

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    I really enjoyed your presentation saturday at Fusion. I wanted to get your program but apparently you left early before I got back sunday afternoon. So why do you have no phone # on your order materials or this website? I’m very leary of doing business with anyone I cannot call on the phone, especially if they have no physical address posted. Wouldn’t you be? I know a lot of folks are. Seems like you’re hiding, which is the opposite we what to do when trying to become famous via articles or branding. So what’s your phone number? Mine is 818-678-6269.

  • Jeff Herring

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    Hi Steve,

    So glad you enjoyed my presentation on Saturday at Tom Antion’s Fusion Seminar. As I mentioned from the stage, all my students have my primary email address and phone number.

    If I am hiding, whether at Tom Antion’s or anywhere, there has never been a truer case of “hiding in plain sight.”

    Not sure how you missed me on Sunday, as I was there from before the time the doors opened on Friday morning at 8 am all the way thru an hour after they closed on Sunday afternoon at 3. In fact, I was at that hotel from Wednesday afternoon thru Monday morning, which included an day long workshop with Alex Mandossian on Thursday and an LA TweetUp on Thursday night.

    Not having my contact info on my order form is an oversight, born out of having a very limited amount of space to get a ton of info in, and I learned from Alex on Sunday a way to get info on the back.

    Obviously you have reached me through this method, and my mailing address, email – and office phone – 678-778-6770 can be found on the majority of my websites.

    The offer from the weekend still stands, and I’ll await to see if taking me up on that offer is the intention of your comment on the blog.

    Hiding in Plain Sight,

    Jeff Herring

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