Live from LA #10 – Anatomy of an Instant Joint Venture

Royalty Free Music Membership Websites

Everyone talks about the power of Joint Ventures, referred to on the ‘Net
as JVs. And yes they are great, but how do these things work exactly?

The Anatomy of a JV

I’m writing this from Tom Antion’s Fusion Seminar in LA. I’m sitting at the
back of the room at the speaker’s table with my buddy Mike Stewart.

He has a brand new resource called Two Buck Themes. If you ever wondered
how to get and use royalty free music on your website or blog, this is the
answer you have been looking for!

For only $10 bucks a month you get 5 new music themes, created by Mike
Stewart himself, that you can use on your website or blog.

So Mike is telling me about his new resource, I’m thinking my community
would love access to music, and a Joint Venture was born.

Simple as that…

So click on the banner above or click here to claim your instant access
to your own monthly stream of royalty free music just for you!

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