Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta – Episode III

Wow, I’ve met so many people already my head is spinning a bit!

This morning’s speaker was Jermaine Griggs, a 24 year old guy who started on the internet at 17 teaching people how to play the piano by ear. Think actor Will Smith teaching internet marketing. He has created an entire system that brings in thousands of bucks a month.

Main take-away – if this guy can build a business around playing the piano by ear, there are no excuses for any of us – you can package your information for the masses on the internet.

Main take-away of the entire morning – A quote from Armand Morin from last spring’s Big Seminar – “If a person is not going to give you their email address, they are not going to give you their credit card.”

So have an opt-in offer in your resource box. Always ask for the opt-in.

More later, catch you later today!


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