Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta! – Episode IV

Big Seminar is 50% what you learn, and 50% who you meet and network with – I have learned so much to implement just in day one and have many guests set up for my upcoming teleseminars and will be a guest on many other teleseminars.

Armand Morin gives a talk each morning and afternoon. Main take-away from Friday afternoon’s talk – “Green Eggs and Ham” is a great internet marketing book! More on this later. As the father of two boys, I just about have the book memorized!

Jody Colvard presented on how to be a Show Host using podcasting – main take-away – she advertises her show and other shows as just that – Shows – and does not get caught up in trying to explain what a podcast is.

Declan Dunn was a perfect presenter for the late afternoon when everyone is tired – not your average presenter, dressed all in black with a pony tail pulled back and almost down to his waist, with an irreverant sense of humor – think George Carlin teaching internet marketing.

Main take-away – The title of his talk, “Perform or Die” – is a great way to look at every product you launch – it either performs and you keep it or it dies and you change it or move on.

Watch this space for my upcoming article on the top 7 reasons you should come to Big Seminar 11 in April 2008!

Catch you soon!


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