Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta! – Episode XII

Back home from Big Seminar!

Not that it was a long commute….. the hotel is in north Atlanta and I live just 25 miles north of the hotel.

So why did I stay at the hotel? Well, so much of the networking and deals that get worked out go on late at nite so it was very worth it to me to stay at the hotel. And…..there is another reason…..and here comes an insider secret – when you get sleeply in the afternoon after lunch, you have a place to take a nap…..

And speaking of naps, I just got up from an afternoon “recovery nap’ to find the first orders that have come in from the strategy I implemented from Big Seminar that I shared with you in the last post.

Total time from implementation of new strategy to first orders – 14 hours 22 minutes!

This will be the last post officially titled “Live from Big Seminar 10!” and I’ll continue to give you updates on what I have learned and implemented and the results!

Catch you soon!


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