Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta – Episode VIII

A few thoughts & observations about networking…….

  • I’ve done so much networking that my net just won’t work anymore
  • The meeting other people, the networking, and the joint venturing that gets done is at least half of the value of coming to Big Seminar.
  • I was stunned, absolutely stunned, by the number of people who knew who I am or who recognized the Article Guy name.
  • The big names that present, and the big names that are here, are all very available to chat with. You will be seeing some pretty cool guests on my teleseminars and cool joint teleseminars coming up.
  • And I met many people at different levels of internet marketing and we have “traded teleseminars” as well.

That’s it for this episode. I’ll be back later with a report on today’s speakers.

Catch you soon!


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