Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta – Episode V

Here is my list of top 7 reasons you need to come to Big Seminar 11 in Atlanta on April 25, 26, & 27.

Reason 1 – Top notch presenters – these folks are the best of the best. And they hang around and hand out so you have access to them.

Reason 2 – Leading edge information – this is not the stuff each person did to get where they are, this is the stuff they are doing RIGHT NOW TODAY!

Reason 3 – The networking – at least 50% of the value of coming is the many, many people you get to meet. There are people from all over the world here.

Reason 4 – The joint venture opportunities – I have set up no less than 10 joint venture relationships in the last 2 days…gonna have lots of cool guests on upcoming teleseminars.

Reason 5 -Top notch hotel in a great city – There is so much to do in Atlanta, and this is a very nice hotel as well. As I said in an earlier post, my room is bigger than my first apartment in grad school. The meeting facilities are great as well.

Reason 6 – The food – Armand Morin and Big Seminar go all out – the buffet lunch was incredible today and I had steak and lobster for dinner last nite!

Reason 7 – An extra learning opportunity – Big Seminar 11 starts on Friday the 25th of April 2008. It is very likely that the day before, on Thursday April 24th, 2008, that I will have a one day seminar on Article Writing & Article Marketing.

I’ll share more info from the day later, probably much later, tonite. Time to go back downstairs to hear Jay Abraham, the most respected marketer on the planet.

Catch you soon!


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