Live from Big Seminar 10 in Atlanta – Episode IX

Do you know what Albert Einstein said was the most difficult thing for him to understand?

Income taxes.

That was one of many comments made by JJ Childers who is an expert in helping internet marketers set up their businesses in a way that protects their assets and allows them to keep more of the money they make. I’d like to have this guy on one of my teleseminars.

As I speaker, something that delights me is to see a speaker demonstrate the depth of their knowledge on a subject, make a dry topic fun (taxes, c’mon!) and engage the audience. JJ Childers gets my vote, and was probably the best speaker of the entire weekend.

Michael & Sylvia Fortin presented their brand new “Success Chef” system for building your internet business. Taking the cooking metaphor to the max by wearing full chef aprons onstage. Their step by step program is definitely worth checking out.

Main take-away – Their concept of your “perfect prospect” suggests that when you are creating your products and marketing, you keep your ideal client or “perfect prospect” (a concept I like better) in mind so clearly that you are thinking of a particular person. Good advice.

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