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Notice I didn’t say “how to write” a list building article in the title. To craft an article that’s going to do what you want it to do on the internet, I believe it’s a combination of science and art, or of skill and art. Some of this is skill and some of this is art, so that’s why the word “craft.”

Here’s how you craft an article that will help you build your list and get people clicking through because they want more of what they just got and they want it from you.

Start with a powerful tip

When you begin the article with a powerful tip, you have engaged the reader right away. Now think about it. It doesn’t take that long to read 300-500 words, which is the typical article, but we’re all very, very busy.

If an article isn’t doing something for me right away, I’m usually gone. So if you offer them a good tip from the beginning, you’ve got them hooked from the beginning and they’re flowing through the article.

They’ve gotten that good tip in the first couple of paragraphs, so at the psychological level they’re thinking, “Okay, I’ve got one. Where’s the next one? I want more. Come on, show it to me.”

End with your most powerful tip

If somebody has read from about ½ to ¾ of your article they’ve demonstrated that they’re interested. They’ve spent enough time with you already in the couple minutes it took to get there to demonstrate interest.

That’s one of the reasons why articles are such a great way to do business, because people are going to read that more than just the front page of your website. They’re going to spend more time on your article than they typically would on the front page of a website.

You want to then present to them one of your best tips, or the best tip in that article. Don’t worry that you’re going to give away all your good stuff. The deeper you go into your niche, the deeper you go into your information, the more you’ll have to give people and you can give good tips because you know there’s so much more behind that.

So the first part is simply making sure that you’ve got an article with some good usable stuff and good tips. Give them a good one at the beginning to hook them in, continue working with them, and them give them the best one, a really strong and powerful one, towards the end.

So start with a powerful tip and end with your most powerful tip. From a sales approach, they’ve read this far. They’re in. Now it’s time to close them with a great tip.

Bottom line – Save your best tip for last. And are you ready to learn more about how I do it?
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  • Hi Jeff. I read your blog post about the question of it being a waste of time sending your articles to different sites and I agree with you that it’s not a waste of time. The part I don’t understand is when you say you should be doing both, submitting them to article directories and on your blog.

    If you send your articles to directories and get back links back to your blog when someone reading your article gets sent to your blog they are reading the same article.

    What am I not understanding here, thanks

  • IMHustle

    Reply Reply

    That shouldn’t be an issue provided you have more content on your blog than the articles you’re submitting to article directories. Seriously though, there are a number of ways you can work around this. You can direct the article directory traffic anywhere you want from your author’s resource box – it doesn’t have to backlink to the page on your blog or website where the article is. With EzineArticles, you can create an article widget that links to all of your articles or your articles in certain categories and post the widget on your blog.

    I hope this helps

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