List Building With Article Marketing – Which of These 3 Prospect Killing Mistakes Are You Making?

wrongArticle Marketing is the fastest and least expensive way to build a hyper responsive list.

There are however, 3 key mistake that most people make. Let’s take a closer look at these three mistakes and what to do instead.

List Building Mistake #– Failure to begin with the end in mind – So many people sit down to write an article just to get another article out there. Unfortunately they do not take the time to consider what they want the article to accomplish, and so guess what? It usually doesn’t accomplish much at all.

What to do instead – Begin with the end in mind. Sage advice from Stephen Covey. For our purposes it means asking yourself the question – “Do I want this article to drive traffic? Build my list? Be part of a product?” In this case the goal is to build your list. I have a list building article template that I will give you access to later on in this article.

List Building Mistake #2 – Failure to include a compelling invitation in your Resource Box – I see this happen in one of three ways:
1) There is no invitation at all

2) Instead of an invitation, you get hit over the head with a call to action that basically says “get this now because it might be taken down soon and you will starve.” OK, so I may be exaggerating but not by much.

3) The invitation is there, it’s just simply not compelling enough to get someone to click the link.

What to do instead – In your Resource Box invitation, make sure you include at least one of the benefits the prospect will get from signing up for your resource. Long gone are the day when all you had to do was offer a free newsletter and people would sign up. You need to give them a good reason to add another email to their inbox.

List Building Mistake #3 – Failure to tell the prospect what is in it for them when they opt-in – So you have written a good to great article, you’ve convinced your prospect to click on the link to an opt-in page, and now they are on your opt-in page. And then you fail to continue to tell them what is in it for them when they trade they email address for info from you.

What to do instead – Give 3 – 5 bullets about the benefits the prospect will receive from your resource. Make it a no brainer for them to opt-in and join your list.

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