List Building – The Perfect Cure for Your Small List Community Part 2

Profitable List Building is one of the key skills to building a thriving online business. And building a thriving online business is the reason you are reading this article, yes?

Unfortunately there’s a lot of confusion out there about the importance of the size of your list community and how to grow your list community.

A little mindset training… 

While size does matter, responsiveness is just as important as size, if not more so. You would rather have a highly responsive list of one thousand than a non-responsive list of ten thousand.

The Perfect Cure (in 3 parts) for Growing Your List Community

So here is Tip # 2, and mixed with two more tips they make up the perfect cure for a small list (not that there’s anything wrong with a small list):

List Building Tip #2 – Double Your List – Challenge yourself with a goal to double the size of your list community. It you’re just getting started and have 20, your goal is 40 then 80 then 160 and so on.

If you have a large list of 8,000 you can still set the goal to double it. If you double to 16,000 by your target date then great, and if you fall short you’ve still grown your list community.


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