List Building: The Secret “Cave Man” Psychology

Following is the slightly and lightly edited transcript from the webinar video below:

The secret “cave man” psychology of why this always works

What you see above is a nice little graphic from Pixabay. It’s a cave drawing that speaks to why this always works because this psychological dynamic is as true today as it was way back when Igor drew this cave drawing or it could be Igorette, I don’t know.

Somebody drew this.

What I want you to notice about this cave drawing is something I noticed about all cave drawings.There’s very rarely just one person. There are always groups. People grow in groups.

Human nature is to gather in groups. One way to say it is

Circles are better than rows

The deep psychological principle is we all want to feel like we belong to something greater than ourselves. A great human need is a sense of belonging and that’s part of what builds your community.

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That’s what my whole five-step system is based on. Psychological principles that work way back when you did cave drawings work now and will always work.

I tell you that to tell you that this is not just something thrown together. I’ve used this for 10 years, beginning as I first started full time online and it’s based on human psychology principles have always worked.

Watch the video below:

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