List Building Mistake 1 – Having Too Many Options on Your Opt-In Page

The biggest mistake I see people make in list building is having too many options on their opt-in page. Your goal is to build your list with email addresses of people with live heads and live hearts eager to learn from you and do business with you.

So many online entrepreneurs go to all the trouble of setting up a good offer through their opt-in box and then blow it by offering too many options that confuse the prospect. And the confused prospect usually does nothing.

Why would you want to include anything on the opt-in page that would distract them from joining your list community?

Enter the squeeze page

I don’t remember who coined this term, but somebody coined the term squeeze page, which basically means squeeze the email address out of the potential prospect. You know, it’s one of those hard sell, hard topic copywriting words. It turned a lot of people off and that’s why I talk about opt-in pages.

My language is more invitational. I don’t believe you have to squeeze it out of them. You invite them to get good stuff and they’re really very willing by then to give you their email address in most cases.

Anything that will detract from the main purpose comes under the heading of “too many options.”

What’s the main purpose?  Get the email.

Don’t have information about other products or graphics on there, just other information, even other sign-up forms. I’ve seen pages with more than one sign-up form.

You can offer them other links to other options, products and services on your thank you page and in your follow up email. Don’t do it on your opt-in page.

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