List Building Tips – How to Create a Compelling List Building Giveaway

Let’s talk about creating a compelling list building giveaway. I call it X marks the spot. Here’s how you determine what to give away. We’ve got one line right here.

You’ve got one line here for the X. This line is your area of expertise, something you’re awfully good at that you just do naturally, or you’ve learned to do really well. That’s one part of the X.

The other part of the X is a strong need or desire, or a problem that needs to be solved for one of your clients. This part right here, something you’re really good at, something you’re gifted with. This line here in this X marks the spot, are needs of your community. Their problems, the things they need to do. Where those two come together is your giveaway sweet spot.

Let me give you an example. For years before I went online, I wrote a weekly relationship column to build my practice down in Florida. After doing that for 11 years, whatever 52 times 11 is is how many I’d written. That was very easy for me to create a piece of content. I think the minimum then was 650 words I had to come up with every week.

You do that for 11 years, it becomes pretty easy. To me creating content was very, very easy. As I came online and was trying to figure it out, it became clear that everybody needed content.

You know why?

Because content marketing, content creation, is the gateway to the internet and if you can master that, you can do just about anything online.

What I noticed is folks didn’t know how to create content, or they struggled with it, they had trouble with it, it was a hard thing for them to do.

Here’s that one line, expertise I had from writing a weekly relationship column for 11 years, and the needs of my clients, the problem that they had was they had to create content for the web, but they didn’t know how to create content.

That sweet spot was where my first giveaway and my first product came from. The first thing I gave away, that I still give away is the 3 mistakes content creation template at Isn’t that creatively named?

Think about what it is for you. What’s something you’re really good at, really gifted at, that you’re great at doing, and what’s a problem that your community has? What’s a solution they need? What do they need the most help with?

Where those two cross, there’s your giveaway sweet spot. That’s as simple as X marks the spot, folks. Remember that, where your expertise and the problems that your community need to solve, cross at your sweet spot for creating a great giveaway.

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