So glad you have joined us! Check your email for all the details for the webinar.

In the meantime, I want you to check out the course that changed the way I think about LinkedIn, and dramatically increased my results!

Click here to check it out and get the best possible investment, and we’ll see you on the webinar!

PLUS, EVERYONE that invests in the course will receive the Bonus Webinar I am planning on “How to Maximize Your Article Traffic from LinkedIn”

(it was just gonna be the first 77 but I’m including everyone since we messed the first replay…)

~ Jeff


  • Lesley

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    Thanks Jeff. I’ll signed up and added to my calendar!

  • Helen Brathwaite

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    Thanks for this I’m really looking forward to the webinar on Wednesday.

  • Donna Johansen

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    I just got started online and am no way ready for visitors or customers. I am desperate to make something of all the programs I’ve bought over the last two months. Over a $1000 and hundred’s of hours and nothing to show for it. I don’t know what to do next!

  • Dr Joe Njenga

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    I look forward to learning more on the potential of linkin as a secret traffic weapon
    Thanks Jeff

  • Chris

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    I’ve been on linkedin for about 3 yrs, have run 1 survey and nothing else out of it. I’m ready get get business now as I have a on-line coaching programme for project managers launching in September

  • Goal Setting Advice

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    Hi Jeff,

    Looking forward to hearing from you again. I always get so much out of your webinars, looking forward to Thursday.

    All the best,
    Brandon Thomas

  • I have been on Linkedin and Twitter for years, but really haven’t seen much benefit from them. I am really looking forward to hearing this webinar – thanks for offering it!

  • Melanie

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    I’m overwhelmed with all the possibilities and need some clarity to decide what is real and worth spending my time on. HEEELPPPPP!

  • This was a great webinar. I’ve been trying to put some of the suggestions into practice. I’ve been on linkedin for a long time, but have never done too much with it. But it’s time for that to change. Thanks so much for offering this, Jeff!

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