This is a Webinar Replay of the LIVE Encore Presentation of “How to Get More Leads, Traffic and Sales on LinkedIn” with my Special Guest Lewis Howes, recorded LIVE on August 4, 2011.

All offers and specials are valid as of the date of this post 8/10/11. I know Lewis is going to be doubling the price of his LinkedInfluence Course very soon, so you might want to click here to grab the discount price.

Whether you invest in the course or not, I strongly invite you to watch this webinar for some very powerful traffic and profit strategies with LinkedIn…


  • As always Jeff, you over deliver on your promises! Thank you so much for doing this again so that we could listen in to all your valuable information this side of the pond.

    Lewis delivered a wonderful webinar that I greatly enjoyed.


  • i’m committed to taking action.

  • Chris

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    I’m committed to take action – after all if you want a different result take a different action

  • Hey, it really works.
    I’ve gone from nowhere, to top of one page, 3rd for another key word and second for another.


  • Excellent information! I want to use Linkedin more effectively, so have followed along and did the steps you gave us.

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

  • craig

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    Hey Jeff;

    What is the best way to share this video with a Linkedin group Owner who has 1,700 members.?

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