ARTICLE: How to Use the LIFE Model of Social Media Communication

Practical Social Marketing Tips – How to Use the LIFE Model of Social Media Communication
(or, what the heck do I actually say on Twitter, Facebook, etc?)

Social Media and Social Marketing provides such an excellent platform to build a strong online presence.

But do you know what the biggest question I get from beginning Social Marketers might be?

Here it is: “So what do I put in there, what do I say?”

In answer to that very frequently asked question I created the LIFE Model of Social Marketing Communication. Let’s take a closer look at this model and how to use it in your online or offline business.

The LIFE Model of Social Marketing Communication

Links – There are two kinds of links that I most often use on Social Media platforms. The first is a link to something I have found interesting or funny. It might be someone elses’ article that I found useful or a video that got me laughing. Sharing links that are not your own demonstrates that you are not just out to market to people, you are interested in joining in the conversation.

The second type of link you can use is one of your own links. You can send someone to one of your videos on YouTube, invite someone to read one of your articles, or send them to an opt-in page to get more good information from you in exchange for their email address.

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  • You always example what you teach. You are the example in this article and it’s a great model for us to follow.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Barhydt

    Reply Reply

    Thank you very much for your tips. Very much appreciated.

    Love you both


  • Bob

    Reply Reply

    Good points and information, Jeff.

  • Well stated.. social media is about relationships, being personable and engaging. Above all CARING about people.

  • As always Jeff, you’ve made things easy for your readers, friends, fans and followers. I don’t think it could be much simpler (unless you volunteered to do our posts for us :-)) For those who are just getting into social marketing, this is a really helpful list and it’s also a useful reminder for those who’ve been at it a while. Thanks!

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Cheryl! I appreciate your kind words. That’s my goal, to make this as simple as possible so you can have the G*U*T*S to Go Use This Stuff!

    ~ Jeff

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