Learn from and hang out with 20 speakers – Really?

What you see above is a 41 minute AUDIO interview I conducted for you with David Perdew, the founder of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop, what we affectionately call NAMS.

The graphic above is of us creating an audio product before a live audience right before lunch on Saturday at NAMS 2 in August. During lunch the audio was turned into a product for all participants to sell for 100% affiliate commission.

Sunday morning, all eyes focused on LaRue Stanley as she clutched the microphone and proudly proclaimed, “I just made my first sale!”

With no list, no website, and using what she’d discovered in the workshop, she sold the product we created at lunchtime on Saturday called “How to Create an Audio Product in just 90 Minutes?”

Using only her affiliate link and Twitter, LaRue could now say she was now an internet marketer and making money online. And as we all know, there is something magical about the first sale.

I could fill up pages and pages telling you about the benefits of NAMS, and I will in coming weeks on this blog. Here is what I want you to do now:

  • Listen to this Audio interview.
  • Check out all the details at NAMS 3.
  • Currently the price is $397 and goes up $100 on December 1st. Until December first I can get you in for only $297 when you use this Coupon Code – 100NAMS3 when you click here.

While I will be posting more about this workshop, you do have to hurry to get in on the best price, and there is every chance that this could sell out by Dec. 1. It was actually 57% sold out before the web site even went up. It really is that good!

P.S. – Listen thru to the end of the closing music to “off the record” comments by David and me…

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