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“Take great care of your list community and your list community will take great care of you.”

I’m telling you right now, get the power, really get the power of the quote above and you will set yourself apart from 99% of the online entrepreneurs out there.

Have you ever had a medical person or a restaurant take really great care of you?

Several years ago I picked up an order of food from a local chain outlet and brought it home. Opened the bags to discover one of the meals we ordered was not included.

I called them up just to let them know so we could get credit for it next time we were in. Instead they packed up the missing order along with some extra food and gift certificates for a free meal and drove it out to our house.

How loyal do you think my family is to that chain? How much money do you think we’ve spent with that chain in the 10 years since then?

Treat your list community this well and you’ll do so well.

Join us for 5 Steps to a Profitable List – List Building Made Simple, Easy and Repeatable

View This Right to Do This Right

View list building as a chore and it becomes a chore. View list building as a chance to reach out, build your community, make a difference in the world and profit while doing it, well you just might enjoy the process.


When you build a list community you are building tribe of like minded folks looking to you as their leader and mentor. Do this well and you create a community full of alive hearts and alive heads eager to do business with you.

“Love your list and you’ll love your life!

List Building Mistake #1

One of the biggest mistakes that most online entrepreneurs make is to think of their list as simply a list of email addresses from which to suck money.

Thus they pound their list everyday with the latest and greatest offer. This can work for awhile, until your list members begin to ask:

“Well, if today’s offer is the latest greatest thing ever to solve all my problems, then does that mean that yesterday’s offer of the latest greatest thing ever to solve all my problems wasn’t really the latest greatest thing ever to solve all my problems?”

This is a prescription for “list fatigue” which is a fancy way of saying burning our your list.

I’ve actually had marketers tell me some version of this:

“I know this is not going to last, so I’m going to suck as much money out of these folks as I can, as fast as I can.”

If you’re like me, I like to think of my list as a list community that I’m called to take care of and serve. I’m focused on the relationship with my community, and building a lifelong relationship.

This is why I don’t think of my list as a list, these folks are my list community, who I get to serve.

List Building Mistake #2

Another big mistake is to have only one way for prospects to join your list. I see so many online entrepreneurs with only one opt in page.

Now, everything we do starts with one, right. The first opt-in page, the first list member, etc.

Because the worst number in business is one, you leave lots of prospects and list community members on the table if you have only one way to join your list.

What if your prospect, ready to spend money with you, does not want what you are offering on your one and only opt in page?

So start with one, and then add more and more as you grow. There are at least 7 different way to opt in on the home page of my blog.

Think of it in this way:

If you’re fishing for fun, then only one line in the water is just fine. But if you’re fishing to eat, then having as many lines in the water makes the most sense.

List Building Mistake #3

Here’s a deadly trap – once you’ve built a list, thinking you know all there is to know about list building.

The reality is no one knows everything there is to know about any one skill online, because things are changing so fast.

In fact, if someone ever tells you they know everything there is to know about a subject online I recommend you follow my RLH prescription – Run Like Hell!

You want always get every edge you can from investing in trainings, courses, coaches and mentors.

Now matter how long I do this I will always have a coach and be a part of a mastermind – so that I can have other trusted eyes on my business.

The Power of Profitable List Building

As I mentioned earlier list building is so much more than collecting a bunch of email addresses.

Listen, don’t miss this, because it’s huge. When you build your list in the right way with the right mindset, you are creating a community around you, around your brand, and around your products and services.

Do this well and you’ll increase your profits. Because the bottom line is this:

“Take great care of your community and they’ll take great care of you.”

5 Simple Steps to a Profitable List

1) Content – When you create your content so that your prospects get a sample of who you approach their problems and how you solve their problems they’ll be eager to join your list community.

2) Call to Action – Always conclude your content with a call to action, what I call a content conversion magnet, that invites your prospects to take the next success steps they already want to take. Which invites them to…

3) Opt In Page – Here’s a great tip worth the time invested in this content – the less info you ask for on your opt-in page the more prospects you’ll get.

4) Follow Up – So many people drop the ball here. The reality is your fortune and your future are in the follow up.

5) Nurturing – Think of your role as someone who has the responsibility to protect and care for your community. This alone will set you apart from the crowd.

Your Next List Building Success Steps

Now that you’ve got just a glimpse of the 5 simple steps to a highly profitable list, how would you like to go deeper?

I’m getting a few people together on a webinar to focus on creating highly profitable lists of gold with these 5 simple and repeatable steps.

You’ll discover more mistakes and what to do instead, begin your list building system right on the webinar, and get more strategies for the proper care and feeding of your list community.

We’ll do all that and much more on this Results Now Webinar called:

5 Simple Steps to a Highly Profitable List – List Building Made Easy, Simple and Repeatable

Your Profitable List Building Genius Tip

You know what? I’ve shared this Genius Tip around several different skills, and the folks that use it are geniuses!

List building needs to be one of your DRGRs – Daily Revenue Generating Rituals.

Keeping with the theme of profitable acronyms, you want to adopt and follow the ABLB Strategy – Always Be List Building.

Here are 2 ways I’ve done it for years:

1) Evergreen traffic driven to multiple magnetic opt-in pages, and

2) Taking at least one real time list building action every day.

So join us here for a great Results Now Webinar called

5 Simple Steps to a Highly Profitable List – List Building Made Easy, Simple and Repeatable…

List Building PS – After you sign up for the webinar, join in the conversation below with your questions and comments…

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