Just for Fun…from 3rd Grade in Miami…1967

Found this newspaper clipping while going thru some boxes after moving this summer……

Here’s the story: It’s before dinner on a school night in Miami in May 1967 and I’m outside playing of course. My parents tell me that we are going to a school awards banquet and I even have to wear a suit and tie (didn’t like those back then either).

So we go and sit way at the top of the auditorium after a lousy meal and sit thru this endless list of stupid awards.

“When is it gonna be done, Dad?” I asked a thousand times.

FINALLY, they get to the last one – almost time to go home and play some more before they make me go to bed. Then the guy at the podium is calling my name, and my parents are dragging me down front.

They say in the picture caption that “Jeff Herring strikes a proud pose with the Bailey Trophy.” What it should have said is “Jeff Herring is in shock, kinda pissed at his parents for not telling him, and just wants to get out of this monkey suit and go home and play….”

Fooled ’em, huh?

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