Jeff’s Daily Content Column – Turn Your Content into ETMs!

Today we’re going to talk about something you’re familiar with – everyone listening knows what an A.T.M. is right?

An Automatic Teller Machine.

Put your card in and money comes out. Unfortunately it comes out of your account and you have to have money in your account right.

Well we’re going to talk about something I like even better than an ATM. We’re going to talk about E T M’s and E T M’s are Evergreen Traffic Machines.

You want to take your content and turn your content pieces into Evergreen Traffic Machines. That means once you create and deploy a piece of content it becomes an Evergreen Traffic Machine.

While there’s places where this doesn’t happen for instance on Twitter even on Facebook it’s too fluid it’s too ephemeral for a fun word for that to be a good place for an Evergreen Traffic Machine.

Other places like Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook Live, podcasts, your blog and many other places. Your content there becomes anEvergreen Traffic Machine. For instance if I put a piece of content on YouTube or on a podcast or on Linked In it might be a year old to me but for the person first coming to it it’s brand new.

Therefore it becomes an Evergreen Traffic Machine sending high quality traffic to your profit pages. One of the great advantages of Evergreen Traffic Machines is they work for you 24/7 all over the world. They don’t ever call in sick they don’t ask for a raise and they don’t come in cranky.

They just work.

So one of your goals needs to be to create as manyEvergreen Traffic Machines as you can. I suggest finding a way to do one every day by doing what I call MCVDs = Micro-Content Value Drops. We’re not talking about a long long 2000 word article or a webinar every day we’re talking about short videos short articles short podcasts that become Micro Content Value Drops and Evergreen Traffic Machines.

So your mission should you decide to accept it is to before your head it’s a pillow tonight, go use what you’ve discovered today and create an Evergreen Traffic Machine that will work for you for the rest of your life.

Go use this stuff – when? – before your head hits the pillow tonight.

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