Jeff’s Content Column: STOP Writing Articles!

Wait what?!?

Didn’t you used to be known as “The Article Guy?”

Yep, sure did…

And I’ll say it again:

“Stop writing articles!”

Instead, create your column.

Now, I could “drop the mic” right there, especially once you get it that when you create a regular column, you can do pretty much anything else you want to do with content.

But first, a little explanation:

You see, an article makes you think of English class. It’s an impersonal thing that should go in some boring journal somewhere.

Your column, on the other hand, is a personal conversation between you and your reader.

Your column is where you show the unique ways you approach problems and the unique ways you solve problems.

And your column is much easier to create than an article. As one of my students, Phil Brakefield has said:

What a nifty little mindset shift!

And, interestingly, relieves the barnacle-like pressure that attaches itself to the struggle of trying to come up with the subject for an article.

Now, just a word about that notion about creating pretty much anything else you want once you create your column, and then we’ll wrap this up:

  • A podcast is simply an “audio column.”
  • A video or even a live video is simply a “video column.”
  • And a webinar is simple an extended “audio & video column.”

Want some help getting started, on me?

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