Jeff's Blatant List Building Experiment

Welcome to My Blatant List Building Experiment!

Why am I doing this?

I have a burning desire to grow and increase my community (list) and reach more people!

What’s in it for you?

At least 3 things when you play along…

1. A couple of weeks ago I held a teleseminar on

“What I Would Do Right Now If I Had to Start Over Again Right Now”

Many people have told me it is the best teleseminar they have ever heard. At the beginning I told my
complete “internet story” in public for the first time – from sleeping in the lobby of the Hampton
Inn to where I am now – and then take you step-by-step thru what I would do right now…

When you play along with this experiment, you and those you send will get complete access to the
Audio – in Flash Player and Down Loadable mp3 AND the Complete Transcripts of the Teleseminar…
2. You and those you send will get a step-by-step report on the thinking, strategies and results of
this Blatant List Building Experiment…
3. Those you send will luv ya for it!

What do I want you to do to qualify?

Simply do the following:

1. Send at least 3 new people to:

This blog at <== Send 3 people here!

2. Have them subscribe to the 2 Free Instant Article Writing Templates in the upper right hand corner…

3. MAKE SURE you have them type YOUR name in the #1 ? box (the box after the name and the email
4. When you reach 3 I will send both you and your 3 Complete Access to the most recent teleseminar, with Audio and Transcripts…

Fair enough?

Remember, just send at least 3 people to this blog at <== Send at least 3 people here!

And I’ll send you and those you send a link to complete access to the Audio and Transcripts from my most recent teleseminar

“What I Would Do Right Now If I Had to Start Over Again Right Now”

Plus later you & yours will get a complete report on the thinking, strategies, and results of this experiment…

Thank you for participating in My Blatant List Building Experiment, and…

Go Use This Stuff!

Jeff Herring
Article Marketing Guy

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