Jeff Herring MakeOver, Phase 1

I’ll be 53 on May 1st. Yeah, really, 53. Whenever I hear about a “53 year old man did such and such” on the news, I do not picture myself. I picture someone….older. But 53 is what I will be.

In the fall of ’08 I had a bit of a wake up call. I went to the doctor on another matter only to discover that my blood pressure was 215/125. Bad numbers. Bad habits. Bad weight.

They said time for blood pressure meds. I said OK. Got that under control now. They also said change your lifestyle. I said OK. And did. For awhile….

Dropped from 225 to 200. Got stuck at 200.

We noticed at the first of the year that I was starting to flirt with 210 again. A few half-hearted attempts to eat better and exercise more which resulted in half-hearted results.

A few weeks ago, a visit with my cardiologist (who said I should be around 180-185) and the realization I was just over a month away from 53 somehow got my attention.

Turns out Maritza has a client who is a chiropractor and is deep into the healthiest ways to live. So a few conversations led to daily workouts and something called the the Paleo Plan, also known as the Cave Man Diet.

The first good sign was seeing the low side of 200 for the first time in a long time. The 2nd good sign was lots more energy. The 3rd good sign was what the scale said this morning: 194.6…

Been a long time since I’ve seen that number on a scale.

Maritza then said, “Why don’t you blog about this?”

So I am. It’s a little scary, because now this is public. Good motivation though…

In the next few days, if I’ve got the guts, I’ll post some before pictures…GULP


  1. says

    Great post Jeff. And ohhhhhh so honest. Many of us who sit at the computer day in and day out are challenged with the weight gain, bad stats at the doc and on and on. But it’s never too late to get things under control. As a few folks have commented the solution is in our hands and the choices we make.

    I love the transparency you have shown. Now I want to see the pics. LOL

    Seriously though. I went through a year of comfort eating when my dad transitioned and my mom was in the hospital … a lot! The gift shop candy bar section became my favorite stompin’ grounds. After my doc did what yours did I hired a nutritionist, went almost 100% glutton free, cut out all processed sugar and some other culprits.

    The results have been great. Something that motivated me to get off my butt (literally) was the fact that I have a vision of what success and a successful lifestyle are all about.

    You posted a very important bit of information. Sometimes we just don’t realize how the bad habits are creeping up. We strive for a lifestyle business but if we don’t have the health to support the lifestyle doesn’t do us a bit of good.

    I love what Jill Koenig wrote. It is so true. Recently someone was telling me about their mentor and how successful this mentor is. They tried to convince me to hire this person who is a multiple 7 figure earner. Sure, this person might be able to teach me one aspect of success, but lacks in other areas.

    Maybe this is unfair but I actually made my decision not to have someone who is well over 100 pounds overweight teach me about success due to feeling I also want someone who believes in healthy living.

    Is that unfair? I think not. When I think of success I think of a well rounded person; in mind, body and soul. And in their relationships too.

    Thanks for the post Jeff. This is a topic we all need to be aware of and be willing to talk about.

    When will you be posting the pics?????

    Maybe we should start a web tv show – The Biggest Internet Marketer Loser.

    I look forward to seeing you at NAMS6 with your oh so trim body. Maybe you will join Denise Wakeman and me for our morning power walks at NAMS. We do kick some serious butt you know.

    Hugs to you and Maritza.

    • Marie Duncan says

      Correct terminology is helpful. It is a gluten free diet. Glutton means you are overeating. I don’t believe that is what you meant.

    • Jeff Herring says

      Thanks Kathleen for sharing your story and encouragement – and we’ll see you on the power walks at NAMS 6 – if I can keep up with you two!

      ~ Jeff

  2. says

    WOW! That’s what I weigh now (225) and that’s what I weighed a few months ago (200). Talk about a story that hits close to home! I’m all ears :)

  3. Lesley says

    Hi Jeff!

    Thank you again for taking the time to discuss my business plans with me. I truly appreciate it!

    I must say, you SOUNDED thinner…kidding! Like you I spend way too much time at my desk and the weight does creap up. You inspire me to get back to doing something about it.

    I look forward to reading about your progress. Keep up the good work!

  4. says

    I think having the support from “putting your journey out there” and the inspiration it will give others is a great idea. It’s part of being authentic and you are, my friend. ♥

    • Jeff Herring says

      Thanks Kelly, the surprising thing is the FREEDOM I feel from putting it out there. Boats burned, let’s get to it!

      ~ Jeff

  5. says

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been through some of this too. It is truly worth it to come out o the other side! Best of all is the new habits not only get you to your buff and tough goal but help you keep from going down that wrong road again.

    And yes, I’m with Kathleen. Put on that Speedo and show us the pics!

  6. says

    Life in the fast lane — with a BIG boat — isn’t easy. I’ve lived my entire life overweight, since I was about 7 years old. Diets never seemed to work. Exercise — meant I was in motion and that carried me past the refrigerator (why oh why do they design walk through kitchens? shouldn’t the kitchen be a destination of choice rather than on the way somewhere?) and that always required a stop and visit.

    I looked in the mirror last night and noticed a very young woman looking back at me from an OLD body. I don’t know whose body she was in, but she’s getting HERS back. As of today! The lifestyle changes. I’d already started the list. This was just more motivation (co-ersion) to join the forces of better health and more active living.


  7. Carol Giambri says

    Congratulations on the lifestyle change. It is worth it. You age second by second. I assume you don’t want to be like the masses: sustained by drugs because of the diseases to their body. These situations we never plan for but accept that if our relatives have/had these, then we are “entitled” to them. Wrong. I discovered that thinking that way was a lie, but a truth if we ate and live their same lifestyle. My husband never planned to have epilepsy over 35 years back with 2 young kids under 5 sleeping when the block was lit up with emergency vehicles. However he was healed in 6 weeks and on drugs only 10 days during my search for the “alternative” lifestyle. Myself, healed of low blood sugar decades back.

    Now if you think dietary change is just for people let me share my dog recently healed of LUPUS–told by 3 vet clinicS never heard of, but they were wrong. She’s got a website with blogging going on. I do believe most diseases have been reversed by lifestyle changes — not just diet. With a health ministry I know of many such cases. One of my visions online is to educate people about the lifestyle changes we made, with decades under our belt, whether it be relevant to dog owners or all folks including writing books of our stories to encourage others. You could have quit, but glad you went for the “change” and seeing results.

    Health is wealth. I have been following you for years. I believe you will get more excited over your journey more and more each day. It’s a choice or decision. Regardless, it does take GUTS to change. Best to you on your path. I love eating mainly organic, raw, vegan, plant based diet, but respect others choices.

  8. John says

    Hey Jeff thanks for the honesty and good on ya! Go for it, can’t wait to hear your success story after you hit your goal.

  9. says


    I’m so proud of you for sharing your story. You always inspire me and now you’ve given me ANOTHER ah-ha moment.

    I’m going to be 47 this year, my metabolism has slowed down, and I spend way to much time working at my desk. My body needs cardio exercise and getting my heart rate up for a few minutes from the excitement of a sale isn’t enough. It’s time for me to start taking care of myself too.

    Thanks for your transparency and GUTS! I have faith in you and you ALWAYS over deliver. We’ll probably see you on the cover of Men’s Health magazine soon.

  10. says

    Jeff, Great to see you focused on getting healthy and eating right. Would like to invite you to the Muay Thai School I am involved in as an owner and instructor. We have a lot of students working on losing weight and getting into shape. Great exercise and located in the Roswell/Alpharetta area off of Holcomb Bridge Road. Think there might be a few people from NAMS coming for a training session in August. Would love to have you be a part of it – Maritza too. 60% – 70% of our students are female. They love putting the gloves on and hitting things. :-)

    • says

      Let me know if you and Maritza are up for this. I’m coming in a day early to box with Todd at his gym so it would be fun to do this all of us together. Maritza can even bring her pink gloves!

  11. says

    Hmm, you might have inspired me as I’m battling a few health issues including more pounds than I’d like right now. Not sure I’m brave enough to share weight since I am single and “dating” and that is pretty taboo but perhaps bold enough to share other parts and pieces that would be relevant and helpful.

    Thanks Jeff!

  12. says

    Hi Jeff:

    Congrats on lowering your blood pressure and taking steps to a healthier lifestyle. Good for you. The diet recommended for high blood pressure is the DASH diet – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Actually, you seem to be implementing part of it as this diet emphasizes fresh fruit and vegetables which are high in nutrients, fiber and low in sodium. The DASH diet also emphasizes switching to low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and lowering saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol and sodium in your diet. A great thing about this approach is that it increases the fiber, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. The DASH diet is also good for improving one’s blood lipid profile. For those interested, the Mayo Clinic has a great overview of this recommended dietary approach. Read more at:
    Keep us posted on your progress. It gives all of us readers encouragement.

  13. Mike McVaugh says

    Hi Jeff, Decided to do some article marketing. So I decided to look up the expert.
    While reading some of your postings I came across the post where you said you are going to be 53 on May 1.
    I’ll be 70 on May 1. Going to celebrate mine by going to Banning Mills, Whitesburg (Carroll Co.) and do their Zip Line Tour, largest in the world. I’ve been fighting my weight till I decided to do something about. Dropped from 210 to 198 in 3 weeks. Feel great. Congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up, or should I say down.
    PS. Joey Smith’s B’day is also on the 1st.

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