Jeff Herring MakeOver, Phase 1

I’ll be 53 on May 1st. Yeah, really, 53. Whenever I hear about a “53 year old man did such and such” on the news, I do not picture myself. I picture someone….older. But 53 is what I will be.

In the fall of ’08 I had a bit of a wake up call. I went to the doctor on another matter only to discover that my blood pressure was 215/125. Bad numbers. Bad habits. Bad weight.

They said time for blood pressure meds. I said OK. Got that under control now. They also said change your lifestyle. I said OK. And did. For awhile….

Dropped from 225 to 200. Got stuck at 200.

We noticed at the first of the year that I was starting to flirt with 210 again. A few half-hearted attempts to eat better and exercise more which resulted in half-hearted results.

A few weeks ago, a visit with my cardiologist (who said I should be around 180-185) and the realization I was just over a month away from 53 somehow got my attention.

Turns out Maritza has a client who is a chiropractor and is deep into the healthiest ways to live. So a few conversations led to daily workouts and something called the the Paleo Plan, also known as the Cave Man Diet.

The first good sign was seeing the low side of 200 for the first time in a long time. The 2nd good sign was lots more energy. The 3rd good sign was what the scale said this morning: 194.6…

Been a long time since I’ve seen that number on a scale.

Maritza then said, “Why don’t you blog about this?”

So I am. It’s a little scary, because now this is public. Good motivation though…

In the next few days, if I’ve got the guts, I’ll post some before pictures…GULP

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