Jeff Foxworthy and my boys…

What a treat!

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy was at the local Barnes & Noble tonight signing copies of his new book “Dirt in My Shirt.”

Genuine guy who took time to talk with everyone.

He also told Jonathon, my oldest son, that he had a daughter Jonathon’s age and to not go near her.
                                                        L-R:  Jeff, Caleb, and Jonathon Herring, Jeff Foxworthy

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  • Cool! You and the boys are famous.


  • Drew

    Reply Reply

    You know, you can now do a take off of “you might be a redneck if….” but instead, do something like “you might be an article writer if….”

    Um, of course I would want a cut of the Royalties from this BRILLIANT idea of mine!

  • Lucky

    Reply Reply

    Oh my gosh, Jeff, your babies are so cute!!!!

    Time to start paying them modeling fees as
    spokemen for your blog/products, and
    building up their Roth IRAs. 🙂

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