Is Article Marketing Still a Valuable Tool? Is Article Marketing Dead? (Pandas and Penguins, Oh My!)

google panda & penguin_thumbContent Marketing & Article Marketing are still great and powerful strategies with which to build your business. Always have been, are now, and always will be.

So there’s the answer to the questions asked in the title of this article. I suppose I could stop right there, but I’m guessing you would like a little bit more than just that in this article, right?

Article Marketing is Dead!

So listen, I’ve been hearing that Article Marketing is dead at least once a week since I came online full time in ’06/’07. It used to annoy me, but now I love to hear it.


Because every time someone says that, I get to come on and explain why it is still alive and well. Then my students and I make more profit.

Part of what you want to realize is that every one blowing that horn always has their own little new wiz bang toy to sell you. Read on so that you do not fall for this nonsense.

Pandas & Penguins, Oh My!

So two big Google Updates were known as the Panda Update and the Penguin Update. I’m still asked how those effected my business and my students. And we could go on for hours about all these updates did and what they mean. Many people got hurt and even panicked over some of these changes.

Here’s the thing: since day one of teaching this stuff online, I decided to do something I call “teaching past Google.” Now what the heck does it mean to teach past Google? Well, I wanted to use and teach strategies that were not going to be negatively effected every time Google burps or hiccups. And they do that often.

So because of that decision and practice, not only are I and my students not hurt by these changes, we are actually helped by them.

The bottom line

The bottom line is this:

All the Google changes simply cleared out the crap so the cream could rise. 

And when you consistently create great original quality content, you get to become the cream.

Another bottom line The quickest way to rise to the top with your content is to create great content on a regular basis. And you can get started doing that right away when you visit

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