Internet Marketing Success – MindSet – Resources – Traffic (You Need All Three)

123Internet Marketing success is within reach for anyone willing to dedicate themselves to making it online. In fact, it is my time tested belief that no one ever fails online. Some just give up before the magic happens.

To set you up for internet marketing success, I want to offer you a 3 pronged approach that I believe everyone needs.

Mindset – Pay attention here, because what I am about to share with you is crucial to your success. You can create the best resources in the world, get the most traffic ever, and still fail if you miss this one thing.

What’s this one thing?

Your mindset. Your mind must be set for success. Otherwise all the tools in the world will not keep you from failure.

One of the first ingredients to a successful mindset is to get it that this takes some effort from you. I know you have heard the stories about the 4 hour work week. You can lay on the beach all day and make money.


This takes effort and focus. Sure I make money when I am asleep, just about every day. And it took a tremendous amount of effort and focus for that to happen.

So let me ask you a question. When you think of investing in a resource for your business, can you picture yourself using it? Or are you just focusing on blind hope with no ambition.

The success mindset involves you being able to see yourself implementing the tools and taking action on what you learn.

Resources – Did you know there are a multitude of ways to package your expertise and sell it to your community? This is a great exchange of value because you are helping your customer move forward and reach their goals.

One of the easiest ways to create a multi-media resource requires just 3 steps:

1) Create an article with 7 tips for your niche topic.

2) Hold a teleseminar event and explain your 7 tips. Make sure you record your teleseminar.

3) Bundle the article and teleseminar audio in one resource for your customers.

Traffic – So you have the right working mindset. You’ve created a resource to offer your followers based on your expertise.

Now you need reliable sources of traffic. You need to have sources of traffic that are immediate, regular, and long-term.

The best source of free consistent traffic is, without a doubt, content creation, marketing and syndication. When you create content (articles) based on your content, you can turn that content into immediate traffic, regular traffic, and long term traffic.

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