Internet Marketing Q & A – How Do I Go “An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep” in My Niche?

question mark 2Q: I heard you talk about going an inch wide and a mile deep. Can you please explain this concept in detail?

So you want me to go an inch wide and a mile deep about “an inch wide and a mile deep.”  I can do that. The #1 thing I think that causes people to fail on the internet is doing the opposite – going a mile wide and an inch deep, trying to be jack-of-all trades or all things to all people.

An inch wide and a mile deep

Pick something that you are interested in and other people want to know about. Drill deep into that topic. Don’t become just some “armchair expert.” Drill deep.

And here’s the really cool part, folks. You want to become a known expert in your area – on the internet or anywhere else. So while you drill deep, not only do you discover other ways you can use that information, you create other ways you can use that information.

The deeper you go into a niche the more applications you will discover. One discovery leads to, and builds on, another. The deeper you go into a niche the more you will create. One invention or creation leads to, and builds on, another.

This is how you become know as not just an expert in your niche, but as the expert in your niche.

Begin where you are

Wherever you are in your niche, you may not be able to see that from where you are. That’s fine. I sure couldn’t see it from where I was in the beginning.

It’s like the story about driving in your car on a dark country road, and you can only see as far as your headlights. Now one thing you can do is stop, because you can’t see any further, and you won’t get anywhere. But what you do is just drive the length of your headlights. As you do that, it takes you a little further and little further and who knows where you can end up.

So begin where you are, go deeper into your niche, and you’ll discover other applications of it and also create some of your own.

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