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Internet marketing So I have a binder clip (you know, those things that clip together stacks of paper too big for a paperclip?) attached to the lamp pole on my nightstand. It’s function? I’ve threaded my cell phone charger cord through the metal “legs” of the clip so it does not fall to the floor when not charging my phone. Convenient organizing tip.

So where did I learn this?


Which is why I’m telling you this story in the first place.

Just when you thought that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others had cornered the Social Media Market, along comes this strange site that is taking Social Media by storm.

For the consumer you can, in the words of the Pinterest.com website, “organize and share things you love.” Pictures of these things, that is.

For the business person, I have colleagues online that tell me Pinterest is bringing them more traffic to their websites than the other top Social Media sites combined.

Now, when I first heard of Pinterest, and it’s personal and business applications, my first thought was “Great! Just what I need, another Social Media site with which to keep up!”

So I’ve yet to personally check this out. I do believe it warrants some attention, a check out, at least.

I’ll keep you informed here…

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