Info-Product Creation the Hard Way?

Hey everybody, it’s Jeff Herring dropping in to talk with you about product creation. Now, we can do product creation, info-product creation the hard way, that keeps you dependent on the gurus. Or, we can do info-product creation the easy way that puts you in charge, and allows you to make a difference and a profit online.

See, you’re not here online ’cause the pool’s closed. You have a message that other people need to hear, and you have a message that other people can only hear from you, they can only hear it from you. And, there’s more of them out there than you could ever get to in your lifetime, so let’s get going.

Now, the way to do info-product creation the easy way versus the hard way. The hard way is to think, “Okay, I’m going to create an info-product.” And you sit down with a blank screen, or a blank sheet of paper, and start completely from scratch. That keeps you not knowing what to do, that keeps you dependent on the Goo-Roos. We don’t want that for you, right? We want you out there making a difference and a profit.

Info-product creation the easy way, in my model of content marketing is as simple as this. When you’re creating your content, whether it’s a Facebook Live like this, or a video, or a podcast, or a webinar, or an article, or a blog post, or an info-graphic, or a whatever, when you’re creating your content, you’re creating your information products right there. That’s the beautiful part of this model. You’re doing that work twice, for the content, and also for the info-product.

“Well wait a minute Jeff, how can I use that same content from a piece of content in an info-product?”

Well, there’s three ways:

1) Expand Your Content

One way is to take that article, video, blog post, whatever, and beef it up. Let’s say you’ve done a three tip blog post, all right? You said a little bit about it in maybe your 250, 300 word article. But you know a lot more about that. So, why not turn those three tips into three modules? You can do what I do and put a, “Get started here,” module in the front, and a putting it all together module in the back. All of a sudden from a three tip blog post, you’ve got a five module info-product. How’s that? Way one, is taking what you’ve got and expanding it, putting it together.

2) Collect Pieces of Your Content

Way two, is taking pieces of what you’ve got, and compiling it into an info-product. Let’s say I did a video about content creation, and then I did a video about social visibility, and a video about traffic generation, and a video about list building, and a video about product creation, and then a video about repurposing, which is the bonus, okay? Those first five of the five modules of content marketing, and the last one, repurposing, is your bonus module.

So I could take those six videos, compile them together into modules, have each video transcribed, and boom, there’s a small info-course as well, right?

3) “The Best of” Your Content

So way one is taking something and expanding it. Way two is combining pieces together, like building blocks. And way three, to create information products, and info-products the easy way is to do a compilation. How many blog posts have you ever written on a specific topic in your niche? Well, why not collect all those, and have the best of Margaret Eves. Or, the best of Jeff Herring. Or, the best of Chubby the Skeleton. Then you’re creating your content to get your message out there, to change the world, and drive traffic to your business. You’re also creating your info-products, and there’s three ways to do it.

Now, I can make this harder for you. I mean, I’ve got the high priced degrees. But why? What I’d love for you to do as we’re just about to wrap up here, is pick one of those three ways, and get started before your head hits the pillow tonight. And, if you want some more cool information like this set, get 21 Fresh Content Ideas below:

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