Independence Day 2011 – Freedom From and Freedom To…

Discover 4 “Freedom Froms” and 4 “Freedom Tos” in this short video…

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Jeff Herring

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  • Thank you Jeff, for this video. You know how, sometimes, you hear something not for the first time and it’s just different? more important? more thought provoking?
    Well, that’s what this video did for me.

    Yesterday at our SALON I found myself quoting Neale Donald Walsch … “Choose again” … and your video brought me right back to this. Now I get to explore my life and find what it is that I may ‘choose again’.

    Other good nuggets from your thoughts too.

    Happy Independence Day, everyone!

    Better & Better,
    Barbara Hawkins

  • Sunny James

    Reply Reply

    This is Sunny from Pennsylvania
    and as always you have great inpirational info
    I always tell others to always believe in yourself
    & follow your dreams Because that is what life is made of.
    So thanks for encouraging others to do so!!!

    Sunny : )

  • Elizabeth Barhydt

    Reply Reply

    Happy 4th Jeff & Maritza
    Happiness come from within

    Lots of love coming your way

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