I’ll Take 3 Myths to Go Please!

Another great way to get your expertise out of your head and into the market is with the 3 Myths content creation template.

The psychology behind this one is that people are very attracted to myths and enjoy having them confirmed or “busted.” This is part of why “MythBusters” has been such a popular show.

BONUS Psychology – When your prospects see you take a popular myth in your niche, prove it wrong and then give them the reality, it really ups your credibility.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 – Name a popular myth in your area of expertise. Say a little about how easy it is to believe and get caught up in this myth.

Step 2
 – Now deliver the reality. Prove the reality and then demonstrate the reality by showing your prospect how to implement the reality in their own life and business.

Step 3
 – Rinse and repeat for all 3 myths around your topic.

There you go – it really is as simple and as powerful as that…

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