"if you want more ______, write more articles"

“as I’m slogging away at more articles, while plotting my next step(s), i noticed a curious thing. As a jeff herring devotee, i’m a firm believer in your “if you want more…, write more articles” idea. and so, when a bit tentative about next steps, i keep writing articles until it gets clear. thanks for that.


As with any addict, now that i’ve started this trajectory, i keep checking my goals. One of which has been to move into 10th place. While my sights may be on # one, that person’s got 511 articles under his/her belt. It will take some time. But what’s curious is this: not once as i’ve worked to move down this count has the number of articles i need to write to get to the next level changed. other people, presumably NOT jhds (jeffherringdevote/devotees), are not writing more articles. in the month and a half since i’ve noticed the ranking thing… ok it took me a while… i’ve moved from 24 to 11. the people ahead of me are not moving.


now, i know that ranking per se doesn’t make any difference. but writing does. ranking is my own little encouragement to keep going… omg 511?… but what you teach is so straightforward and sensible. it’s great for me that no one is noticing this. too bad (for them) they’re not paying attention to you. 


it’s true that the writing thing is natural for me, but how great to be moving from making meaning to making meaning AND making money. 


great leadership, jeff. thanks.”


Ann Keeler Evans



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  • Great advice and encouragement. I need to step up my pace and your email confirmed that. Thank you for sharing.

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