“I Was Ready to Spend Money with Them Right Now, and Then…”

Maritza and I write 2 weekly internationally syndicated newspaper columns, one on relationships called “From Single to Soul Mate”  and one onbusiness, technology and Social Media called “Plugged In.”

A recent “Plugged In” column featured in the Miami Herald told the story of  a really surprisingly poor customer service experience Maritza had with local restaurant. There are tips here for all of us in any business. Here’s the excerpt:

“I (Maritza) just had an experience with the sales prevention team at a local restaurant. Jeff and I were going to a social gathering with some other step-families and it was our night to bring appetizers.

I am not a cook so I decided to call this restaurant, a wonderful Mexican restaurant – one of my favorites in Georgia since I’m used to really good Tex-Mex in Texas. I wanted to order 18 lobster and poblano dip appetizers to go.

I was ready to pay. I had my card out. I didn’t care how much it cost. I really just wanted to take something yummy and to make this task easier for myself.

I wanted to pick it up at a certain time so we could just go to the gathering straight from there. The person who answered the phone at the restaurant put me on hold for a long time.

I thought, “Maybe they don’t have enough lobster?” Then, when she came back, she said, “Why don’t you just call 15 minutes before you want to pick it up and that way we’re sure that nobody loses this message and nobody loses your order.”

WHAT?! The reason I’m calling is to make it easier on myself, not have yet another thing on my to-do list.

One of the GOLDEN RULES of business: take the order now. I had my card out, I was ready to buy. Now I’m going to go look for something that’s easier.”

Don’t make it hard for your customers to order from you. I don’t want to call twice. I just wanted to call once and get this thing over with.

So, when you’re doing business, always get the money first. And make it easy on your customer. It’s not your customers’ job to remind you of what they’ve ordered. Don’t make it hard for your customers to buy from you. If you have employees, regularly have a mystery shopper to see what is really going on in your business.”

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