I Made Her Cry on a TeleSeminar

I have great respect, as I bet you do, for people who struggle at something, yet refuse to give up.

Back when I first started teaching content creation online, I was coaching a woman on a live teleseminar who was convinced she could not write an article.

She was more than convinced – she was WED to the idea that she could not create content.

I tried all my “secret psychology tricks” to get past her block, and none of them worked. She was wed to this idea!

So I backed off…

And just got her talking about her niche, her area of expertise. Asked her for the biggest mistake beginners make in her niche, and I wrote it down.

Then had her name a second one, and then a third one. I wrote those down too…

Then I asked her:

“Did you know you just created your first piece of content?”

Her: “But I can’t write!”

Me: “I know. And you didn’t. You created. Content. Out of your expertise.”

She started crying…

And she’s gone on to create lots of content that’s attracted and helped many, many people, and it’s now her full time career.

Don’t write – create.

It’s easier…

It’s better…

Helping you go further faster,

~ Jeff

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