I am Grateful


I have a secret…

Gratitude is for more than Thanksgiving Day…

  1. Watch the video below
  2. Relax
  3. Share what you are grateful for here on the blog…

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  • Jeff Herring

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    I am grateful for the people I get to wake up with:


  • Alexander John

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    I’m Grateful For New Head Phones I Just Got That Don’t Work The Best That I Got At The Dollar Store. Why? Because It Made Me Laugh It Makes Me Think About How Great I Have It Here. The Little Things Are What Keeps Me Going. Was The Cheap Hardly Working Head Phones Worth It? YES!

    …Didn’t Know My Head Phones Could Teach Me So Much About Being Grateful!

    Great Video!


  • I am grateful for…

    My parents, both moms and dads, for their constant support and making me who I am today.
    My amazing sons, Will and Martin, for the joy they bring to my heart.
    The love of my life, John, who brings a smile to my face every day.
    My cute and cuddly dogs, Wyatt & Josey, who are always be my side.
    My friends, for their support, guidance, and always being there for me.
    And mostly, God, for giving me all of the above, my talents, and His unconditional love.

    Jeff, I am also grateful to you and Maritza, for believing in me, your support, and all that you’ve taught me to be successful.

    ~ Regina

  • Bob Crawford

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    I am grateful for my wife Donna, my daughter Cindy, and I am especially grateful for the love and guidance that my parents gave me. Though they are no longer here, I know that their wisdom still helps me be the best that I can be.

  • Jeff, I look forward to your Sunday Morning Inspirations and this is one of the very best. I’m grateful for so many things and try very hard to take note many times daily.

    I feel so strongly about gratefulness as the “gateway” to attaining happiness and anything in life that I’ve created a free affirmation poster: “10 Secret Rules of Attainment”, and the “I Am a Magnet” poster for anyone who would like one at: http://www.terscott.com/10rules I will also place a link for your “I am grateful” video on my blog: http://secretrulesforattainment.blogspot.com/ so it can be shared with others! Make it a great day!

    Ter Scott!-Motivational Educator

  • Judy

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    I am grateful for friends like Jeff and Maritza, for my witty and intelligent son, and for my Bichon Frise, Paddington, who loves me unconditionally!


  • Jeff –
    I agree completely that the act of being grateful should happen daily rather than just at the time of Thanksgiving. Great video. Thank you for sharing. For a while now I have been completing a “golden list” every morning before I get up and before I go to sleep at night. This list is different every time and identifies 10 things I’m grateful for. Sometimes those things are big and profound and other times they are quite simple. It has been a wonderful grounding technique for me. Today, a friend invited me to participate in a 21 day gratitude journey (that the maker calls the G-spot) Want to join me? http://www.shanelcoopersykes.com/

    I’m grateful for
    –the amazing parents that raised me along with the wonderful community that helped to form my foundational beliefs and values.
    –my 2 brothers and all of my extended family. I am blessed that I am close with many of them.
    –my husband and amazing son. They fill my life with laughter every day.
    –every teacher (both official and “unofficial”) that has come into my life. All of life’s lessons have made me a better person.
    –that I live in a safe community where I can sleep in a comfortable bed and not worry. I’m grateful for the service men and women that help to ensure that I continue to be able to live in this way.
    –the health specialists that helped me to figure out my crazy food allergies. I’m grateful that I have not had a migraine headache or asthma attack in well over a year. My life is alive and sparkling because I am healthy and happy.
    –that I LOVE to get up on a stage and share what I know to help inspire and educate people so they can reach their goals.
    –every person that crosses my path. I learn from people on so many levels and it is wonderful!
    –that I know how to cook.
    –the beautiful sparkling snow that I can see out my window while I’m nice and snugly warm inside.
    That was my list this morning. Blessings to you.

  • Jeff Herring

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    Bobbie – way to go with The Examiner, and I’m grateful for your kind words…

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

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    Stephanie – that is so cool – I can just feel the gratitude pouring out of your list – thank you!

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

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    Judy – Thanks for including us in your list!

    ~ Jeff

  • Joyce Hearn

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    Thank you Jeff for sharing something so beautiful.

    I am grateful for everything.


  • Jacob

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    WOW you are amazing sir!!! I think that you inspire me to start building my education a little more. Thank you so much for your time and educational sharing.

  • Hi, I am most grateful for my Roman Catholic faith and for my ability to read very well and for loving to read and study well and for my great mother who fostered this in me. also for the opportunity to go to a Catholic school for 14 years right up thru nursing school and all before Vatican 2, before all the masonic changes in our church. also for my life and knowledge and abilities as it is at this time at 67 years of age. also for all my relatives and friends. also for all that I have. Maureen

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