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   How One Article Becomes 4 Articles and a Profitable Course

The simplest, fastest, and easiest way to turn one article into 4 articles and a digital product is to create what I call “chunk articles.”

What’s a chunk article?

I’m so glad you asked 🙂

A chunk article is an article that contains 3 easily consumable pieces of information. 3 steps, 3 mistakes, 3 secrets, 3 myths, 3 tips, etc.

Now take these profitable steps:

Step 1: Create your 3 chunk article

Step 2: Create a separate article for each chunk

Now we have 4 articles. So let’s create a digital product.

Step 3: Your first article with all 3 chunks in the introduction to your course

Step 4: Each chunk becomes a module in the course

Step 5: Wrap up your course with a 5th Module. DO NOT write a conclusion. Instead, offer the next success steps: opt-in links, offers, etc.

So 4 articles and one course all from one article.

The question then becomes:

“What if almost all your articles could provide you with multiple streams income?”

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