How to Use the “What To Do When” Content Creation Template

Finally! Simple Content Creation…

The power of the “What to Do When” template is two-fold:

1) Knowing what to do when something goes wrong clearly communicates your expertise with you shouting “Hey, I’m a great big expert!”

2) When a prospect runs into this challenge later they are predisposed to come to you.

Here are the 2 simple steps:

Step 1 – Name the challenge

Simply name a common challenge faced by members of your niche. Describe it in enough detail to demonstrate that you “get it.”




Step 2 – List the steps necessary to solve the challenge

Here’s the gold nugget you’re delivering – step by step directions on how to handle the challenge in a profitable way.

EX: “What to Do When You Have an Email List You’ve Not Mailed for 6 Months”

Now you share the first 3 steps to profitably responding to this challenge.

Once again, I could make this harder for you, but why?

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