How to Use the Barriers Content Creation Template

At Last! A simple way to create compelling content…

Creating your content is easy when you use templates.

This article focuses on how to use the Barrier Template. This one is powerful because everyone likes to believe there are ways to break through the barriers in their lives, and they’ll love you when you help them do it

Here are the simple steps:

Step 1 – Name a Specific Barrier

The first step is to identify a specific barrier that prevents your customers from reaching a goal.

Simply name the barrier and describe it so that your customer can relate to it.





Step 2 – Deliver a Strategy to Break Through the Barrier

Deliver one gold nugget strategy to help your customer break through the barrier.

Step 3 – Repeat Steps 1 & 2 Two More Times

If you want to create a 3 barriers piece of content, then identify 3 barriers and a gold nugget strategy to get around each one.

Or you could just do one – 1 barrier and 1 gold nugget strategy to break through the barrier.

I know this sounds really simple, perhaps even too simple. I could make it harder for you, but why?

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