How to Use Teleseminars in Your Business – Online Biz Show

In this video, we show you one of the many ways we’ve successfully used Teleseminars in our business for

  • Market research
  • Strategy Q & A sessions
  • To create products
  • As the basis for many products
  • To create a community

Tomorrow is the big preview training call for Teleseminar Secrets, the course that helped our businesses and is one of the main reasons we found each other! Jeff has been a faculty member for Alex Mandossian’s course and this year, Maritza is also involved during TSS strategy sessions…

If you decide to join the course through us at, you’ll get a signing bonus of our Twitter Profits Video Module from our course Social Marketing Blueprint & Maritza’s 12 videos from Teleseminars Made Easy! Any way you look at it… When you use what we outline in this video, you can:

  1. Be sure you create a product people actually want
  2. Answer questions (& objections) using Free Teleseminars
  3. Get paid to create your product
  4. Repurpose that product into several other forms of media

And thank you for your comments & emails about the show! We’ve gotten lots of questions that will make fabulous webisode where we answer them so keep those questions (and comments!) coming!

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