How to Tell a FIB in Your Call to Action

Finally! How to Create a Prospect Pulling Call to Action for Your Blog Posts, Articles, and Other Content!

So you’ve created your blog post, article, social media update, etc.

Good on you!

Now it’s time to create your Call to Action. And you don’t want to sound like you’re selling used cars, right?

The solution is to tell a “fib” in your Call to Action. Stay with me here…

Most people completely change the tone of what they’re doing when it’s time to offer the next success steps. Here’s a 3 step process to avoid that messy situation and get more of your prospects to take their next success steps.

Flow – Most content creators constipate their prospect. When they move into the call to action they stop the entire flow of the content, and their Call to Action rarely gets read.

Instead, make the Call to Action the very next paragraph in the content. For example, you can have sub-heading that begins with “Bonus Tip” and leads into the CTA.

Invite – Typical: “Hurry and grab XYZ before they run out so you can make a million by tomorrow, and if you don’t get it you’ll be homeless and your family will starve.”

I’m exaggerating, but not by much.

Instead, how about:

“And now you’re invited to take your next success steps by claiming your free instant access to…”

Brand – Most online entrepreneurs start off their Call to Action by talking about themselves:

“Sally Sue graduated from 3 really hard colleges and is the author of 27 books on blah, blah blah.”

This is just another way to stop the flow of the content. Your prospect is much more concerned about what’s in it for them than about you. If you haven’t already demonstrated your expertise in your content, it’s a little late in the Call to Action.

Suggestion: Save anything about you until the end, and then structure it like this:

“Brought to you by (your name) helping you (get a result they want)”

Now that I’ve given you these 3 steps, allow me to show you how I do it, in the actual Call to Action for this piece of content:

Just One More Tip – Remember, your prospect is listening to radio station “WIIFM” – “What’s In It For Me?”

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