How to Make Your First $1,000 on the Internet

steve beck, kerry beck, webinarsIf you earned your first $1000 on the Internet, do you think you could do it again? And then another time?

And with a little effort, do you think you could turn that into $1000 a month? And then beyond?!

Now, I just used a “dirty” word in Internet marketing circles…


But use your common sense.

Anything that has value in life requires a little effort – your marriage, parenting your kids, your friendships …even your hobbies!

So I want to let you know about the FREE webinar takes place this TUESDAY-today!

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It is by my friend Stephen Beck who made a six-figure income in his part-time while attending seminary full-time! He wants to show YOU how to make your first $1000 on the Internet (and how to turn that into a monthly income and more!)

On this webinar, Stephen will be showing you…

  • How to choose the PERFECT business for you …so you don’t waste your precious time and money on things that are not right for YOU!
  • How to follow your passion and make a great living at the same time!
  • How to avoid “Get Rich Quick” schemes on the Internet and how to build a TRUE online business that spins off cash flow and allows you to “Get Rich Slowly!”
  • How to build a herd of fanatical buyers all looking to YOU for recommendations and products …imagine helping people and making a great income at the same time!
  • How to find useful tools and training for your herd (and even create your own) …take good care of your herd and they will take care of you!
  • What to do AFTER you make your first $1000 on the Internet…how to build a real online business on auto-pilot giving you more time, money and freedom than you ever thought possible!

It’s happening THIS TUESDAY, April 6, 2009 at TWO TIMES especially for my valued customers and subscribers:

2:00pm (USA-Eastern)/7:00pm (UK)
9:00pm (USA-Eastern)/2:00am (UK)

Right now, over 327 people have already claimed their spots…which means only 173 spaces are left.

At this rate, it’s a sure bet the call will be completely booked– so make sure you register below while you still have time!

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Go Use This Stuff!,


P.S. …Plus not only will you be able to hear Stephen showing you how to make your first $1000 online, but you’ll also get to SEE and WATCH it happening real time on your computer complete with real examples! Don’t miss out!

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