How to Love Your Calling (Myth Busted)

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Starting with your calling. All right now, when you think of calling, most people think of that phrase, “passion.” What are you passionate about? Do what you love and the money will follow. Well, interestingly enough, a guy named Cal Newport, I want to interview him some day.

Cal Newport is the author of the book called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You.”

“So Good They Can’t Ignore You.”

What he did with the subtitle, “Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love.” What he did with that, really, is that’s a great quote by Steve Martin, right? “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” He took part of that quote, re-purposed it into a whole new idea. What he does in this book is he destroys the notion of following your passion.

He just kills it.

He talks about the difference between passion and craftsmanship. The difference between passion and craftsmanship and says what you need to focus on in the new economy is craftsmanship. Taking something that’s you’re really, really, really good at and just getting better and better and better. In that way, becoming so good they can’t ignore you.

Great book to read and I want you to think about that as we head into later in the week and we do the big show on the webinar. As we go deeper into the difference between calling and passion and craftsmanship. How to find that and drill deep on it. That’s the first part: Calling.

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