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  • Catherine Behan

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Love the video addition to your blogs. I want to explore that area for myself!

    I am another Kevin Nations recent grad and am seeing interest in my work shoot up dramatically! I have been following you and modeling my articles after you. Bless ya!

    I decided to pull some of my ezine articles down so I could retitle them and sharpen them up, now that I have my target market defined. What I was missing was a good lead in that I could then finish with the content.

    I woke up this morning with the answer and I feel like I am off and running! You are a generous teacher and I appreciate all I learn reading through your material!

    Kevin is something else, isn’t he?

    Celebrating Love,

    PS Oh, I was absolutely blown away to see how many hits your have and how few comments! I wonder why more people don’t leave a bit of themselves behind to encourage others. Hmmmm.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Hi Katherine – Very few people comment on your articles at – it would be nice if they would.

    The good news is that comments are not important numbers to pay attention to there.

    The 2 most important numbers are number of views and number of click thrus….if those two are going up, it’s time to be happy.

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